additional Elder Care services

At Katy's Angel Care, we help you look for the best living arrangements for your elderly. We will strive to find the facility that suits your senior's health, needs, lifestyle, and hobbies, and budget. Along with our senior placement services, we offer additional senior care services through our reliable partners.

Palliative Care services

Palliative care is a specialized system of care for people with severe chronic conditions. Our trustworthy palliative caregivers aim to manage the symptoms of the disease and the side effects that occur.
Palliative Care services

Palliative care is focusing on seniors who need a patient-centered approach to healthcare. Our Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria, AZ partners will do everything within their powers to improve our seniors' lives and of family members who are caregivers.

Non-emergency transportation services

At Katy’s Senior Living Placement, we care deeply for our clients and want to ensure non-emergency transportation if need be. We know that many people risk their lives and overall health because they don’t have access to effortless transportation. Here are the transportation services our partners can offer:

Transportation for Chronic Illness patients

Our partners can offer non-emergency medical transport for people struggling with kidney diseases, cancer, obesity, heart diseases so that they can get to doctors’ appointments in time.

Transportation for senior patient

Even if we’re not far from widely available autonomous vehicles, we still need dependable senior transportation services. We want our seniors to be able to visit their friends, get to the doctor in time, or run some errands in time.

Transportation for bariatric patients

Sadly, more than 1 in 3 adults in the United States is defined as obese by clinical standards. Should it be necessary, our partners can offer transportation for obese seniors.

High standards with our partners' transportation services

Senior Care Placement Services in Peoria, AZ, offers, through its partners, transportation services at high standards:

Clean, cared-for vehicles
There are free wi-fi and 12-in screen displays
MV1 vans that accommodate wheelchairs
Punctual services
Affordable prices
Dispatch and tracking on vehicles
Experienced and polite drivers
All rides are recorded

Notary Services for the Elderly

At Katy's Senior Placement Services, we know that patients and residents of senior living facilities need notary's services just as often as all other people do. Many senior living facilities get help from mobile notaries and friends of the signers’ families. When the eldercare facilities don’t include notarial services for their residents, mobile notaries can be of great help.

Currently, the American Association of Notaries (AAN) talks about the possibility of notarizing documents in senior living facilities from the perspective of notary employees and independent mobile notaries. Even if the services are challenging, the AAN warns notaries to give an excellent thought before rejecting them. We care deeply for our seniors, and we do our best to help them benefit from professional notarial services in the senior housing facility of their choice.

Fiduciary services

A fiduciary is a person designated by a court or a private agreement to take responsibility for a trust position. Fiduciaries manage affairs on a senior's behalf. For instance, a representative payee for a senior's Social Security benefits and an executor for a decedent's estate are seen as fiduciaries.

At Senior Placement Services in Surprise, AZ, we will do our best that seniors find their trustworthy fiduciary and make sure that the fiduciary duties are seriously addressed.

We only work with the most reliable professionals in this field, who follow a strict code of ethics.
Fiduciary services
We recommend that our elder clients hire a professional fiduciary to avoid family conflicts. It’s common for seniors to designate a child as their agent, but disputes can quickly escalate when there's more than one child. The professional fiduciary offers objective legal and financial guidance, putting the client’s interest above all, without any drama attached to it. We work only with the best in the field.

Financial advisor services

Financial advisors can help seniors focus on the information and problems important to them and their particular financial situation. Even if financial advisors know a lot about finance, they may not know finances related to senior care. Financing the elderly is complicated, but we at Senior Living Placement Services in Peoria, AZ, work with the most experienced financial advisors.
Financial advisor services are helpful because they consider the accommodation payments, the care fees, investment plans, cash flow and place the clients in the most advantageous position.
Every senior's circumstances are different, and areas where the financial advisors can help would be:

Financial modeling of several care options
Strategies for funding accommodation payments
Negotiating with senior living facilities
Reducing the senior living facility fees
Maximizing government pensions
Reviewing and planning for tax implications


Anyone taking care of another person defines as "caregiver" or "caretaker." Several kinds of caregivers give specific care, with family caregivers and respite caregivers as more common types.

At Senior Placement Services Surprise, AZ, we know that caregivers must support people in need and relieve many of their burdens. Caregivers can help for a short or long time, and we make sure to collaborate only with the most experienced, dedicated, and compassionate of them.

Caregiver requirements are different from state to state, and there is no set education certification required for many of them. However, we cooperate with agencies that set the bar high for their caregivers. A thorough background check and a detailed interview process help the agencies find only the best professionals. We work with qualified caregivers who are empathetic, patient, reliable, and flexible. They are trained and experienced in working with seniors in senior living communities.

Caregivers can help seniors with many assisted living services:

• Transportation
• Household maintenance: look into the laundry, gardening, housekeeping, shopping, handyman services
• Personal care: bathing, meal cooking, dressing
• Home alterations
• Health care


Even if seniors don't go to parties as often as they used to, they still socialize and meet with friends, families, go to doctor's appointments. We all know that good gossip from our hairdresser can lift the spirit.
People should feel good at any age, so we want our seniors to keep looking their best even after moving into senior living facilities. Additionally, going to the hairdresser is good for health, and we make sure to cooperate with dedicated and experienced hairdressers.
hairdresser for seniors

Doctor appointments

Doctor appointments
Going to the doctor can be stressful for senior adults, especially since many struggle with chronic illnesses.

We know that dealing with several appointments and understanding the medical terms is confusing at any age, let alone when you’re in your 70s.

Preparing for doctor’s appointments is crucial for a pleasant and positive experience. At Senior Placement Services Peoria, AZ, we can recommend you the experienced and caring doctors who have the patience and dedication that senior people need.
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