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We make finding senior living communities simple

Our Senior Living Advisors are dedicated and knowledgeable

We know that it's challenging to transition your senior to a senior living facility. Not only that it's a highly emotional process, but it's also challenging to choose a community—there are so many choices to check out! At Katy's Angel Care, we go above and beyond to make both the selection process and the transitioning as stress-free as possible for you and your beloved senior.
Selecting a senior living community is difficult because it's not a common topic to know about; you need to know which questions to ask the staff at the senior living facilities and make the difference between them. Even if the selection process is so complex on so many levels, you can find the best senior living arrangement for your senior if you benefit from expert guidance.
Our Senior Living Advisors at Katy’s Senior Placement Services know the many elements you need to consider when choosing a living facility for your senior; we will make everything within our power to ease out the selection process.

senior needs assisted living?

Unlike many of the senior placement agencies in Surprise and Peoria, AZ, our Senior Living Advisors have many connections in the community and have effortless and efficient access to the best care and living housing for our clients. We want only the very best senior living communities for our customers. Call us at Katy's Senior Living Placement and talk with one of our Senior Living Consultants.

Why reach for our expert help

Our Senior living advisors are experienced and knowledgeable. We are committed and caring and only want your senior to find a new place to call home. Our services are excellent:

• We provide you all the details you need about senior living communities in Peoria and Surprise AZ
• We will develop the selection process at a comfortable pace for you
• We arrange tours and accompany you to check out the selected communities
• We answer all your questions about the facilities you tour
• We can help you make the most accurate image of a senior living facility
• We support you in transition your elderly to the new community
• We can find the senior live community as fast as we need
• Our services to you and your senior are for free - the selected senior living facility will pay for our services


Our senior placement process is comprehensive

At Katy's Senior Living Placement, our senior living consultants are knowledgeable and determined to find your elderly the ideal senior living facility suiting their needs, health, well-being, hobbies the best way possible. We will also consider your budget and go through the selection process at a pace that feels right for you and your senior.

Free consultation

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will collaborate with the most experienced, dedicated, and committed senior living consultants. Your designated senior living advisors will gather all the necessary information about your senior's needs, health, well-being, hobbies, and lifestyle. He/she will do it most respectfully and politely so that you don't feel uncomfortable at any moment. Our senior living advisors will also ask you about budget. We want to make the most accurate image of your senior's situations.

Customized solutions

Once your designated advisor has an accurate and precise image of what kind of senior living services your senior needs, he/she will design a list with the possible solutions for you and your senior. All the senior facilities are certified and strictly reviewed by us so that you check out from the most reliable and professional senior living communities. We will also create a plan to visit the communities that match your senior’s needs the best way.

Touring the facilities

Together with your senior living adviser, you will schedule a touring of the selected senior living facilities. Your advisor will come with you, suggest which questions to ask staff, meet the team and get the community's pulse. You will be able to see details about the place, the meal options and meet some of the residents. After you finish a tour, your advisor will sit down and help you select the main takeaways for each location. We want you to make the most informed decision and pick the best senior residential facility for your senior.

The transitioning

Once you’ve made your decision, your advisor will still sit by you. Our senior living consultants are compassionate and have a deep understanding of what transitioning to a new housing means for a senior. We will try to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible. We can set up everything from planning, packing to getting the new home set up and move in the senior care facility.

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