Independent Senior Living

The ideal solution to live an independent life while aging.

Who is Independent Senior Living for?

Independent Senior Living is for adults who don't need the one-on-one support of an assisted living community but still require some help with daily activities. Independent senior living communities are designed for seniors who need minimal to no assistance.
The independent senior living communities are ideal for active seniors who value their independence and relationships with other retirees. Here, seniors can benefit from minor assistance with daily activities such as running errands, laundry, and general home upkeep. Independent senior living facilities can be housing co-ops or apartment-style and have an entrance fee or a detailed rental arrangement. Call us at Katy's Angel Care for more information on Independent Senior Living.

Services offered at Independent Senior Living facilities

Even if the residents live on their own, many independent senior living facilities in Surprise and Peoria offer activities, amenities, and various services. It's common for these facilities to come with clubhouses or recreational centers onsite so that the residents can socialize easier and get involved in community activities: continuing education classes, arts and crafts, holiday reunions, movie nights, etc. Some facilities offer fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts. Some of these facilities also include hair salons, onsite spas, daily meals, laundry services, and basic housekeeping.

Katy’s Angel Care can help you identify if an independent senior living facility is the perfect choice for you or your senior. One of our Senior Living Advisors can always answer your inquiries, give you details, and support you when choosing the facility for you/your senior. Call us for further information.

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FAQs for Independent Senior Living

Q: How is Independent Senior Living different from Assisted Living?

A: Independent Senior Living and Assisted Living are different on many levels. Assisted Living is perfect for people who require help with daily activities in their homes. Even if these people could still live independently at an assisted living facility, they need assistance with various tasks. The support services go from housekeeping to meal cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of the home. Seniors in Assisted Living may need help with medications and bathing as well. Some of them may require memory care.

People who don't require help with their daily activities will find comfort in independent senior living communities. Suppose your senior can still cook meals for himself, use the restroom on his own and get around without support. In that case, the independent senior living facility would be the most appropriate choice. More often than not, independent senior living communities also have amenities with medical care, residential dining services, and entertainment. Many independent senior living communities will help the residents with housekeeping or meals if need be.

At Katy’s Senior Placement Services, we can help you find the right type of senior community for your needs and budget.

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Q: What requirements do the Independent Senior Living facilities have?

A: Most independent living facilities have restrictions for those who apply; for example, residents may have to be at least 55 years old— though some facilities set the age requirement higher than 55. Some independent senior living facilities forbid pets, whereas others allow residents to have a furry friend.
At Katy's Senior Placement Services, one of our advisors can help you find the perfect facility for your senior, according to his lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences.

Q: How much will you pay for Independent Senior Living?

A: The specifics of the community affect the final price for an independent senior living facility. The facility's size, the number of amenities and accommodations, and the location are some of the factors impacting the price. Typically, you should expect to pay anything from $12,000 to $42,000 every year. It goes without saying that independent senior living facilities are more affordable than assisted living facilities or other senior care facilities.
There are many benefits to an independent senior living facility, and the ability to control the cost is one. For instance, you can pick the amenities according to your needs and select between dining, meal service, transportation services, and housekeeping. The more services you choose, the more you will pay for every year.
Our Advisors at Senior Placement Services Arizona, can provide you with information about these facilities' prices.

Q: Does insurance cover Independent Senior Living?

: It's not common for Medicare to cover the cost of independent senior living communities. However, other payment solutions may be available. Long-term care insurance may cover the services that come with these facilities. Additionally, seniors can use social security benefits, personal funds, annuity payments, and pensions to cover the costs.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has programs for seniors with low income so that they too can find affordable housing.

Q: Which amenities come with Independent Senior Living Communities?

: Independent senior living communities offer many amenities for residents, and all count towards living a joyful life. Our advisors at Senior Care Placement Agency Peoria, can tell you more about the most common amenities.

Meal options
Many communities will offer specific meal options and three meals per day in the dining hall are widely available. Keep in mind that meal plans are optional, so your senior can still very well cook for themselves. It depends on the facility, but most homes will come with full or partial kitchens. It's also common for independent living facilities to have coffee shops and restaurants.

Social opportunities
In many independent senior living communities, the staff schedule various social events: tennis matches, movie nights, exercise classes, or group walks. The events are also optional, and your senior can decide which activities to participate in every week. Your advisor at Katy’s Senior Living Placement can give you further details.

Common areas
The large common areas are a typical feature of independent senior living facilities. They're excellent for socializing and hosting gatherings and parties. Residents can spend time with their families or sit down and read a book. Several outdoor common areas for grilling or outdoor games are also typical for these facilities. Some facilities have gardens for sharing, and your senior can take care of his garden.

Housekeeping services are available for people in independent senior living facilities. General cleaning around the house, home maintenance, and shopping are some of the benefits of this kind of service. If the resident desires housekeeping services, the majority of living facilities can provide this. Ask your advisor at Katy's Senior Placement Services about housekeeping services.

Groundskeeping includes services like cleaning up the yard, gutter cleaning, or snow removal. This can be beneficial for seniors who are prone to accidents.

Pet-Friendly Policy
Many of the independent senior living facilities allow pets under a specific size. If your senior has a beloved pet, this aspect could seal the deal.

At least one staff member is available 24/7 for assistance or questions in an independent senior living facility. It is expected that all staff members carry CPR certification.

How do you know if independent senior living is appropriate for your senior

How do you know if independent senior living is appropriate for you/your senior?

We know it's not easy to tell if you or your senior should go to an independent senior living facility. Our set of questions and answers will help you make a decision.

How easy is it for you/your senior to take care of your home?

If your senior lives in a house with a large yard that needs constant upkeep or has many difficult to clean rooms, the independent senior living facility is a good option. If the house has difficult access (it has several flights of stairs or it’s located on a steep hill), your senior may isolate himself because it’s challenging to leave the house.
We at Katy's Senior Living Placement know that hiring someone for help is a solution to this sort of issue.
However, we also know that living in a place with less need for upkeep and maintenance can be more beneficial for your senior.

Do you/your senior get around quickly?

Some seniors live in a community where they have to drive to visit their friends, shop, or participate in social activities. If you or your senior no longer feel safe driving, our team at Katy’s Senior Living Placement Services can find you the perfect independent senior living community. Many of these facilities provide you with comfortable transportation options.

Do you find it challenging to stay in touch with your friends and family?

The more isolated you become, the higher the risk of developing depression or other mental health problems. Due to decreased mobility, demanding access to the house, you could end up staying inside all day long and not see your family and friends for days. Even if you can still call or chat with them online, there’s nothing as pleasant as face-to-face human connections.
Our advisors at Senior Placement Services in Surprise, AZ, can help you identify the most suitable living facility, with structured activities like arts, sports, and even field trips.

Taking Health into Consideration

Your current and future health are fundamental aspects to consider when selecting your living community. If your health condition stops you from enjoying many activities and it’s expected to get worse, you may want to seek out a facility can provide more intensive care. If you are married, you also need to consider your spouse’s condition. Can you still eat and shower on your own? Can you manage your medications and go to doctor’s appointments? If you only need some minor support with such activities , our team at Senior Placement Services in Peoria, AZ, will find the perfect independent senior living community.

How can you find the ideal independent senior living community?

You will see how rewarding and effortless it is to work with one of our Senior Living Advisors at Katy’s Senior Placement Services. Each of our advisors are knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. He/she will do everything within his/her power to find the ideal independent senior living facility.

Our process at Katy’s Senior Living Placement

We are experienced at placing seniors in living facilities and take specific steps to help you identify the most appropriate independent living community for you or your senior:

Free senior living advisor consultation

Our process begins with a free consultation with one of our Senior Living Advisors. We will pay attention to your requests and your specific needs during the first meeting and learn more about your lifestyle and daily routine. We will also consider your budget and work within it.

Present Senior Housing Care Options

Once we have a clear image of what kind of eldercare facility you’re interested in, we will present you with a shortlist of possibilities. The list contains the most helpful information you need to make an informed decision.

Visit senior housing care facilities

Once you’ve taken a look at our options, we will accompany you when visiting the facilities of your choice. We only suggest the communities with proper licenses and which have passed our strict evaluation.

Choose the perfect senior housing

After visiting several senior care facilities, we will answer all your inquiries about the communities. When you’ve made the decision, we will also support you with the move-in process. You will benefit from one of our Senior Living Advisors at Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria, AZ, at no cost. It's the facility of your choice that pays for our support.
Your designated Senior Living Advisor will accompany you every step of the way; you can go at your own pace. If you have to find a senior care community as soon as possible, your Senior Living Advisor can cater to your timeframe and speed up the process.

Independent Senior Living Options with Katy’s Senior Placement Services

At Katy’s Senior Living Placement services, we provide you with certified support throughout the entire process. We are understanding, compassionate, and attentive to your preferences and needs; we will go above and beyond to find the best care facility for you or your senior. We have many values when conducting our activities, but some are essential:


We completely understand that seniors have different needs, and that no senior community can meet every need of every single individual. That is why your senior family member should benefit from customized and thoughtful support. The team at Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria, AZ is experienced and knowledgeable; we will answer your questions about accommodations, food options, and transportation options. We strive to help seniors find a new place to call home.


At Senior Placement Services in Surprise, AZ, we can offer step-by-step guidance on how to identify the best community for your senior's unique case. We are ready to provide you with support and advice every step of the way, making the transition as stress-free as possible. Our services are offered free of charge, and we provide our compassionate support to anyone looking for placement advice or assistance.


Let us help you and your family get through the challenging experience of moving to a senior community. We have the utmost respect and compassion for you and your loved one; we build meaningful relationships with you and your family because we aim to find the perfect solution without neglecting your budget and specific needs.
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