Care Home Reorganization

Care Home Reorganization
At Katy’s Angel Care, we know that seniors deal with many challenges. We have our most profound compassion and understanding and want to help them in whichever way we can. One of the many challenges senior people have to deal with is keeping the home organized and clutter-free. A disorganized or cluttered home poses health risks to elderly and disabled persons. Katy's Senior Placement Services offers organizing services for your senior care home and for your elders. We will help you get orderly for day to day operations, and be ready for inspections.

We can help with medication management

It’s very often that seniors deal with chronic medical conditions that require medication. According to a 2015 Study from Oregon State University, almost 40% of adults over 65 take over five prescribed medications. At Katy’s Senior Living Placement Arizona, we want to help seniors and make sure that they take all their medications as they should.

Even if there are phone call reminders, pillboxes, automatic dispensers, and various other solutions for medication management, a senior will still need another person to monitor if they take the medication or not. Our home care workers can come at a set time every day and provide seniors with medication reminders in person, so that the seniors take the proper dosages.

We will help you clean your medicine cabinet on a regular basis so that you don't take expired medications by accident. Should you take expired medication, you could deal with severe health complications. Our professionals at Katy’s Angel Care are organized and meticulous and accurately clean your medicine cabinet. We will make sure that you keep the items in their original containers, correctly and clearly labeled.
medication management for seniors
organize and de-clutter your living room

We organize and de-clutter your living room

Many Americans spend a lot of time in their living rooms, and seniors do too. Since we spend so much time in the living room, we tend to pile up papers, add unnecessary furniture, and have all sorts of souvenirs take up all surface areas.

Seniors using wheelchairs or walkers will have a hard time navigate in a cluttered living room, which can easily confuse a senior with memory/cognitive disability. At Katy’s Senior Placement Services, we can help care home owners put their living rooms in order so that their elders stay safe and find everything they need every time.

Here are some things we can do to declutter your living room:

• Relocate the furniture
• Place pet toys in a designated area
• Install storage options
• Create a storage space for your reading materials

We manage your home office

The home office is a functional work area where you keep your bills, store records, or even use a desktop computer. Our team can help you with:
• Remove all knickknacks from the work surface
• Place calendar in a visible location
• Free up space with digital record keeping

We can come and sort your files, shred useless records and organize your files. We can create digital copies and get rid of the paper for better organization.
The physical copies you need to keep forever are:
• Birth and death certificates
• Pension plan documents
• Social security cards
• Green cards
• ID cards and passports
• Marriage license
• Business license
• Any insurance policy
• Vehicle titles and loan documents
• Wills, living wills, and powers of attorney
• House deeds and mortgage documents

Other documents you need to hold on to for some time would be:
• Pay stubs and bank statements
• Tax records and receipts
• Medical records and bills
• Warranty documents and receipts

We can come to create a system for sorting your mail, organize furniture for easy access and organize your office supplies as well.

We organize your kitchen as well

De-cluttering the kitchen keeps it clean and well-organized, and it can also reduce the risk of illness caused by unsafe or spoiled foods.
Our meticulous professionals at Katy’s Senior Living Placement can come and:

Clean the refrigerator and freezer regularly

We can come once a month to throw expired items, wipe down drawers, shelves, and interior surfaces. We remove crumbs, spills, and food particles that can rot in time, causing bacteria and mold growth.

Place the essential items within reach

Many kitchens have storage spaces that no longer work for senior citizens. We will place the items you use daily within reach and not on tall shelves. We will also dispose of broken and dirty things that are beyond cleaning.

Keep only the utensils you actually use

We can have you try the "cardboard box test" to identify the items you indeed use and those you no longer need. We place all your utensils in a cardboard box. After using one, you clean it and put it in the drawer. Please take a look at the box at the end of the month: the left items are the ones we will throw away.

Organize the pantry

Pantry items last for a long time, and we can make your life in the kitchen easier by placing items you use every day in the front row. Cereals, pasta, and canned foods will come first, and we put the baking supplies toward the back. We can also clean the pantry, removing food debris and crumbs that attract critters and ants.

Organize cabinets

Pan and pot lids are pesky items that can easily take over a lot of space in a cabinet. We can attach a magazine rack inside the cupboard for better storage. We will store the smaller items on a lazy Susan inside a cabinet for effortless use.

Use the refrigerator for reminders

We recommend our senior clients make a shopping list, checklists, or daily to-do list attached to the refrigerator's front to see it several times throughout the day. A list of emergency contacts, contact information for the doctor, family members, or neighbors is also helpful to attach.

We make the bathroom safe and organized

Bathrooms pose a high risk of injuries for seniors, and all the small bottles and empty tubes can increase that risk. We can help you with organizing your items in the bathroom as well:
We dispose of all unnecessary bath products
Place the small appliance for easy reach
Clean drawers and shelves
Organize the shower for safety
Organize small items
Declutter the laundry room
Pre-sort dirty laundry
Store detergents and bottles on easy to reach shelves

Last but not least: we manage the garage, attic, and basement

Home storage areas like basements, garages, and attic require some physical effort because they're typically areas where we store furniture and heavy boxes. At Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria AZ, our team can come and help you with:

Remove garbage
Discard/donate old sporting equipment
Install shelves
Donate/store unused furniture
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