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What is Senior Assisted Living?

With senior assisted living communities, seniors benefit from customized care in a pleasant residential facility. Seniors who need more personal care service than they can have at home or in an independent senior living facility but don't need 24/7 medical care and supervision should choose senior assisted living. Support for daily activities such as cooking, getting dressed, doing laundry, using the bathroom, take their medication, etc is offered with assisted living.

The concept of senior assisted living is relatively new, and it's becoming more and more popular among seniors. With this type of living, residents keep their independence and benefit from assistance with daily activities. Call our team at Katy’s Angel Care for more information.
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Senior Assisted Living Services

You can get the accommodations that fit your needs, preferences, and budget at senior assisted living facilities. Individual rooms, private apartments, and shared quarters are standard for many housings of this kind. The service plan is designed for every resident, and it can be adjusted according to the resident's needs at any moment.

At Katy’s Senior Placement Services, we know that you have thousands of options to choose from, but we will guide you to select the best housing for your needs. We can offer personalized and individual guidance when selecting senior living services.

FAQs for Senior Assisted Living

Q: How is Senior Assisted Living different from senior living?

A: Senior living refers to a community for seniors and includes independent living facilities, memory care facilities, and assisted living facilities. Senior assisted living placements are one kind of community that meets your senior's particular needs if he needs help with some of their daily activities.

Q: Is a Senior Assisted Living facility different from a nursing home?

A: In a nursing home, the seniors receive medical care 24/7, making it perfect for people who need ongoing medical treatment, like a feeding tube or help with daily routine. In senior assisted living facilities, the residents have access to social activities, whereas nursing homes focus primarily on the medical care.

Q: Is senior assisted living still health care?

A: Even if senior assisted living offers health care services, it also provides housing and personal care services. It's not just health care.

Q: Is senior assisted living still health care?

A: With senior assisted living facilities, services like medication management and support with daily routine (getting dressed, laundry, housekeeping, transportation) are offered. Typically, the residents can select the services they need.

Services offered in a Senior Assisted Living Facility

One of our representatives at Katy’s Senior Living placement services will give you all the details you need to decide if this type of community is the ideal choice for you or your loved one.
Here are the specific services offered in a senior assisted living facility:

Housekeeping and maintenance

Housekeeping and maintenance

It's common for staff in senior assisted living facilities to clean and take care of common areas and outside grounds and manage the residents' maintenance needs. The team can provide laundry services, and some facilities also offer housekeeping services for resident's apartments. Costs for these services vary between facilities.

Safety and security

The safety and security of 24-hour help and access to care are among the most important services offered in senior assisted living communities. The residents can be as independent as they want, without worrying about injuring or illnesses that can be lethal if living alone.

Assistance with daily activities

Senior assisted living facilities help residents with support in their daily routine. Getting dressed, bathing, doing laundry, cooking, managing the treatment, laundry, or using the bathroom are some of the many daily activities that residents will be helped with. Accommodation will match the resident's particular needs.

Meal services

Meal plans are typical among senior assisted living communities. Sit-down meals in formal dining rooms, room delivery, and cafeteria-style are the type of meal services to choose from. The spending for three daily meals and snacks is included in the monthly cost, but it can differ between facilities.
Meal services

Transportation Services

Senior assisted living facilities offer transportation services so that residents can go shopping, go to medical appointments, run errands, etc. Some communities offer residents the possibility to plan private transportation when visiting family and other activities.

Social Activities and Amenities

It’s common for senior assisted living facilities to have common living areas like café areas, libraries, and gaming rooms for social activities. In-house amenities such as fitness centers as structured social activities: gardening, book discussion groups, gardening clubs, or movie viewings are offered with these facilities.
Social Activities and Amenities
 Activities for Elderly Parents
card games for seniors residents

How can you find the best senior assisted living community?

When you contact our Senior Placement Services in Surprise, AZ, a senior living advisor will become your consultant and help you identify the best community for your needs and budget. Our process is straightforward and practical:

Free senior living advisor consultation

The free consultation is the first step you take when working with one of our senior living advisors. During the first meeting, he/she will identify your senior's specific needs, lifestyle, daily routine, and hobbies. Your advisor will mind your budget when looking for options.

Review senior housing care possibilities

Once your advisor at Senior Placement Services Peoria AZ gets the complete picture of the eldercare facility you need, he/she will provide you with a shortlist of options. Information that is necessary to make an informed decision is included in this list.

Tour Senior Housing Care facilities

After you check out the list and select to a couple of options, our advisor will come with you on a tour of your selected facilities. We only suggest you the facilities that we’ve already examined and carry the proper licenses.

Choose the best senior housing facility

Our advisor at Katy's Senior Living Placement Services will answer your inquiries after visiting the senior care facilities. After you decide, we will also help you with the move-in process. Keep in mind that when you work with Senior Living Advisor, you don’t have to pay. The facility you choose for your senior is the one paying for our services

Your Arizona Senior Living Advisor is always ready to help you throughout the selection process, as fast or slow you want. Should you need to decide quickly, we will meet your needs and speed up the whole process, according to your timeframe.

Senior Assisted Living Possibilities with Katy's Senior Placement

With Senior Placement Services Surprise and Peoria, AZ, we offer you certified guidance every step of the process. We are compassionate and caring and pay attention to your needs and requests. We want you to find the best housing for your beloved senior. We conduct our activities by many values, but some are fundamental for the reliable team we proud ourselves to be:


We know that one senior care facility cannot meet the needs of all seniors. Your senior should benefit from customized care and search for the senior care community. At Senior Placement Services in Peoria, AZ, our advisors are knowledgeable and able to answer all your questions about the senior care facility: transportation, food options, accommodation, pet policy, etc.
We want your senior to feel at home.


At Katy’s Senior Placement Services, we offer expert guidance every step of the selection process. We understand and respect and want you and your senior have the smoothest transition to the new lifestyle. We offer our services free of charge, and anyone looking for guidance can benefit from our services.


Let us help you support you when moving your senior into a senior facility. We care about you and your senior and go above and beyond to find the ideal living community, according to his needs, hobbies, preferences, and budget.
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