Memory Care Services

Customized memory care for your loved one.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a kind of long-term customized care created to ensure a safe, structured, and secured environment according to the needs of seniors struggling with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Some assisted living facilities include memory care programs, but there are also independent facilities exclusively addressing seniors with dementia.

Like assisted living communities, the staff at mental care facilities offer meals and help residents with personal care activities. However, with memory care services, the staff are trained and ready to manage daily and challenging situations with dementia patients. The professionals check out the residents very often and offer support and additional structure for daily activities. Call us at Katy’s Angel Care to find out more details.

Memory Care Services

Memory care facilities use unique living spaces and programs to keep seniors with memory loss safe and able to live a beautiful life. The activities developed with these communities help seniors manage the current cognitive abilities and still enjoy their hobbies and interests. Music performance, fitness classes, and similar activities are offered to seniors.
At Katy’s Senior Placement Services, we know how difficult it is for you to choose a memory care facility for your senior. We are supportive, understanding, and able to make the whole transitioning process as stress-free as possible. Our advisors are knowledgeable and will give you all the necessary information about memory care: costs, services, activities, etc. Call us for further details.

We know that it’s difficult to care for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, but we will do our best to find you the perfect memory care program for your loved one. At Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria, AZ, we strive to find the proper memory care program and customized care plan according to your senior's interests, health condition, and budget as well.
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FAQs regarding Memory Care Homes and Services

Q: How to define Memory care in assisted living?

A: Memory care services in assisted living communities refer to specialized care for seniors who struggle with memory loss. Memory care staff are trained to care for people with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia.

Q: How should you choose between memory care and assisted living?

A: Some assisted living facilities offer memory care services, but you can find facilities that only address care for seniors with dementia. It would help if you chose between a memory care assisted living facility or an entire memory care facility. Seniors in assisted living facilities providing memory care services will socialize with other seniors who don't struggle with dementia—which is beneficial.

Q: What to expect from memory care facilities?

A: Memory care communities should offer quality care to every resident. Planned activities, housing, meals, and certified staff are primary services in memory care facilities. The staff is educated to care for people with memory loss.

A: Memory care communities should offer quality care to every resident. Planned activities, housing, meals, and certified staff are primary services in memory care facilities. The staff is educated to care for elders with memory loss.

Q: Does insurance cover memory care?

A: It depends on your insurance, but it's common for insurance to cover particular long-term spending of memory care facilities. Typically, Medicare doesn’t cover memory care facilities. Many people will pay out of pocket or through a long-term care plan for the memory care assisted living program.

Services offered at our Memory Care Facilities

Our advisors at Katy’s Senior Living Placement are ready to provide you with detailed information about memory care communities. Some of the services included with this type of housing are listed down below:

Person-centered care

Memory care programs are designed to suit every senior’s unique needs and particularities. Every memory care program will take a different approach for every senior. The primary purpose is to make an accurate image of every senior’s lifestyle, health, identify the unique needs, interests, and design the customized care plan.

Pleasant and warm atmosphere

Memory care facilities provide housing similar to private elder homes so that seniors feel comfortable and have an easy transition. Many of these facilities offer easy-to-follow floor plans and areas where seniors engage in different activities.

Various activities

Your senior will benefit from a comprehensive calendar that is frequently changed. Communities will keep the seniors interested in an adequate daily structure of activities to use their skills and abilities. Dancing, brain games, art classes, and music programs are some of the activities developed in memory care communities.

Safe setting

Keeping the seniors secured is fundamental, so the doors in these communities are secured 24 hours a day; there’s also constant monitoring of who gets inside the building. The courtyards are typically enclosed, and residents enjoy the outdoors within a secured perimeter.

Highly-trained staff

The highly-trained staff cares for seniors with memory loss in memory care communities. The staff is caring, experienced, and skilled, providing superior care to residents.

Qualitative services

We know you want your seniors to have the best life, so we will find you to help the best community for that. At Senior Placement Services in Surprise, AZ, we only collaborate with communities that do that. The staff is supportive and caring in all activities, whether it's when the senior takes medication, bathes, or eats. We also offer additional services such as transportation, notary and fiduciary, financial and legal advice, doctor's visits, hairdresser, palliative care and others.

Choosing the best memory care community

What are the steps of choosing the best memory care community?

Free senior living advisor consultation

Working with our team at Senior Living Consultants in Surprise, AZ, is both easy and rewarding. One of our senior living advisors is always happy to help you through the selection and transition process. Here are the steps we always take:

Examine the senior housing care options

Once we completely understand which sort of eldercare facility your senior needs, we will provide you with a list of options. The list includes essential information about the facilities so that you make an informed decision.

Tour the selected senior housing care facilities

Your advisor at Katy’s Senior Care Home Placement Agency Arizona will check out your options and accompany you for a tour of these options. We include on our list only the certified communities that we’ve already reviewed.

Choose the perfect senior housing facility

After you tour the facilities that interest you, our advisor will sit down with you and answer any inquiry you might have about the communities. After you decide, he/she will also support you through the transition process—it can be challenging for you and your senior as well. We should highlight that our expert services don't cost you anything. The facility of your choice will pay for our services.

Your Senior Living Advisor will guide you when selecting the senior facility at your comfortable pace so that it can all be as stress-free as possible. Sometimes, you need to make a decision fast and transition the senior to senior housing asap. In that case, your Senior Living Advisor will consider this request and complete the selection process within your timeframe.

Katy’s Senior Living Placement’s value

At Senior Placement Services in Surprise and Peoria, AZ, our advisors are ready to support you in every step of the selection and transitioning process. Our advisors are compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable and strive to find your beloved senior's best care solution. We follow many principles when caring for you and your senior, but some are fundamental:


Let us offer our thoughtful support throughout the complicated process of choosing and moving your senior into a senior community. We are dedicated to our clients and do everything within our power to find the best facility for your senior. We will make sure to find the facility according to your needs and budget.


At Katy’s Senior Living Placement, one of our senior living advisors will guide you every step of the selection process. We are knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with the expert support you need when choosing a senior living facility. We offer our services free of charge to anyone who needs assistance or placement advice.


We know that different people have different needs, interests, and lifestyles. We want your senior to benefit from the best life when in a senior living facility. Our advisors will give you all the answers about essential information: food options, accommodation, pet policy, transportation options. We know how to find the place your senior can call home.
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